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Gold mining straight from the source


Getting gold directly from the ground –


Gold deposits in virgin territory


North Korea possessed over 80% of Korean Peninsula’s natural resources. Forest and water resources are far more superior than South Korea.

Potential lucrative natural mineral resources covers 70% of North Korea’s total land mass, upwards of 200 different types.

Estimated untapped gold deposits upwards of 2000 metric tonnes.

Estimated untapped gold deposit market value upwards of USD100 Billions


Gold trading experience


Golden Dynasty Resources Limited has an experienced team of professional fund managers who specialize in the trading and speculation of gold in the financial markets. In the past 15 years, gold trading has evolved from physical delivery to online trading in the futures exchanges, made possible by advancements in trading platform technology.

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited uses the most advanced proprietary trading technology and deep understanding of the mechanics of demand and supply in the gold industry, thus giving it an edge over other competitors, and from its daily trading in the global gold markets, the company has been able to provide supernormal profits to all its clients.


Exceptional Track Record


As a result of our advantages, we have managed to provide an exceptional track record to our private investors. Over the past years, our most valued investors have managed to get a return of up to 150% profit per annum. Our trading advantages and profits have also been exhibited regularly on a daily basis, and most of our clients are able to reap daily returns in our optimal investment package.

This allows our clients to invest with peace of mind, knowing that their returns are being generated daily, and hence their risk is being reduced daily.


Long Term Investment Objectives


From our vast experiences in trading the precious metal markets, we know well that successful investing means taking a long term perspective. Our seasoned team of investment professionals put emphasis not only on technical analysis but conduct intensive research on fundamentals elements paying close attention to identifying the real reason being market movements, beyond fads and fashions. When our eyes are set on the long haul, we are unflustered by temporal market crashes or spikes and instead take contrarian action to exploit the trend changes and buying opportunities. We require investors to align their financial goals to our long term approach for their best interest and to give us the necessary trust and confidence to create value and results over a long term investment horizon.


Exceptional Risk Management


We take on an investment approach that puts priority on protecting your asset. You will have peace of mind to know that sudden meltdowns will never occur in our systems. As long as your investment objectives are inline with our long term perspectives, we believe our proven track records can continue to accurately unfold in the future, nurturing your wealth. At Golden Dynasty, profits are mandatory but risk management overrules. With our optimized strategies applied with experience and discipline, your assets are in good hands.


High Performance Trading Strategies


Our flexible infrastructure with cutting edge technology facilitates the required integration with liquidity providers for robust executions and complete with the ability to scale. Our trading strategies proven to be stable and highly reliable in light of varying market conditions with comprehensive tools including real time portfolio management applications with post trade operations utilities and intuitive risk management analytics. Multiple liquidity providers provides for wider range of data and delivery options enhancing our ability to diversify with great accuracy.