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Company Background


Golden Dynasty Resources Limited is a global asset management firm which specializes in bullion investments. Our investment portfolio consists of physical gold transactions, trading gold in futures exchanges around the world and gold mining projects.

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited promises to bring the highest profit margin to our investors by creating a full fledged gold investment cycle starting from the mining source. Nevertheless, our portfolio is much more precised with pin point profit target, with relatively lower risk compared to our investors.


Management Team

  • Golden Dynasty CEO, Peter Burslem :

Prior to establishing Golden Dynasty, Peter Burslem is a 15 year veteran in the financial services industry with extensive expertise in precious metal and equity trading, wealth management and banking services. Mr. Burslem has been a leading role in Blackrock’s (UK) evolution to be the number one investment firm for today’s investors.

Peter Burslem has served as UK regional vice president of Blackrock’s (UK) since October 2004. Over that time, the company has delivered four consecutive years of double-digit annualized net new client asset growth, maintained a strong leadership position in trading, grown total client assets to more than $30 billion.

Peter Burslem previously served as a member of the Blackrock’s (UK) board of directors, when he accepted the role of regional vice president the company, responsible for all operations, precious metal trading technology and retail sales channel functions. Mr. Burslem has made a tremendous contribution to the success of the company.

Peter Burslem graduated first of honor at Cambridge University with a Master degree in Finance and currently serves on Cambridge University’s graduate business program advisory council. Peter Burslem also obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 2002.

  • Golden Dynasty COO, Andrew Miller :

Andrew Miller, joined Golden Dynasty a mere 2 years ago as the Chief Operating Officer, and has brought tremendous value to the company through his expertise and in-depth knowledge on precious metal trading. Golden Dynasty client base has gained a remarkable 250% since Mr. Miller came on board.

Born and raised in London, Andrew Miller has worked hard to earn his position of Goldman Sachs (London branch) as an Vice President of Operation. Mr. Miller placed a lot of importance in his education, and it was a great preparatory step on his way to his professional success with the company Goldman Sachs (London branch).

Andrew Miller graduated with top honor from University of Leeds with a Master in Economics and Finance. Currently, he also serves as a guest speaker at University of Leeds graduate school of Business. Andrew Miller has been awarded “Top 10 Outstanding Financial Leader of 2012” issued by the city of London.


Management foreword


Foreword from CEO,
Mr Peter Burslem:

I am honored to receive overwhelming enthusiasm & interests regarding potential investment in Golden Dynasty Resources Limited. Please allow me to extend my sincere regards to all the investors and fellow Golden Dynasty management team for your spontaneous response.

Our success doesn’t come easy. Golden Dynasty Resources Limited has invested tremendous amount of time and money into both manpower and hardware. We have a dedicated team of Executive Committees, Portfolio Managers, Risk Management, and field engineers to ensure our investments are fully managed and protected.

We are excited in our upcoming years and please do follow us up closely as we are striving to be the market’s new leading role.


Our Project


Golden Dynasty Resources Limited has the most powerful combination of physical and financial investment in the most prestigious financial product in the world, glittering gold. We provide an unprecedented, rare opportunity for anybody to take part in such an investment that only a select few would otherwise have the access to.

Firstly we offer the low-risk return of a stable investment in the convertible bonds of a lucrative project, which has already been analysed by relevant experts to be worth up to 40 Billion USD, while combining the unlimited upside of gaining converted shares of all future profits of this same large potential business.

Secondly we also offer the excitement of daily returns at the same time through our proprietary financial trading.

This is all made possible by our dual approach in covering all major aspects of gold investment, from

  • 1)our main mining and extraction project in the largest untapped virgin gold resources in the world in North Korea, and also
  • 2)our exceptional proprietary financial trading in the gold financial market through our own trading platform

Our Commitment


Our mission is to provide our valued investors the best investment vehicle in the gold investment industry.

With our experience and expertise, and our advantage of investing in gold directly at the source, we bring to our clients the best investment opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to the retail client.

We understand that consistent and realizable returns stem from minimizing downside volatility by taking both long and short positions across different gold markets globally to generate uncorrelated returns as well as embedding risk evaluation in portfolio construction.

In addition, it is our practice to invest alongside you. Golden Dynasty’s own assets including those of our account managers are invested in the respective gold trading accounts they manage. You can be assured that your interests are well taken care of when directly aligned with the very interest of our own managers.


Our Dedication to Our Client


It is no doubt that a key attribute of sustainable growth lies in customer loyalty. The best way to achieve this besides outperforming competitors is a keen interest in listening to what the client's have to say. Feedback propels progress and it is vital to comprehend their needs so we can act specifically to improve. We apply a top down management approach to ensure our global standards are upheld worldwide. This includes the professionalism of our staff in handling both pre and post sales service. Guidelines are in place to ensure needs of clients are respected and service standards are well fulfilled absent misrepresentation. A bottom up approach also mandates the direct request for feedback from clients after crucial interactions and carefully monitoring of improvement measures made. Loyalty rewards and priority programs are also introduced to help create an even greater positive experience with Golden Dynasty and to develop long lasting client relationships for years to come.

Golden Dynasty built its reputation on trust which is highly valued and shared among clients, employees and shareholders. This trust is not merely about how we interact, inform and advise our clients but also depends on the personal professionalism and conduct displayed by all our staff and representatives. Employees are expected to adhere to guidelines and policies that manifest our corporate culture. In establishing a customer relationship, sincerity and integrity of the highest standards are to be observed at all times. At no point should a client be mislead by action or statements and proper care shall be taken to ensure clients receives all necessary information to make a calculated and reasonable decision. By nature of our business, we require clients to understand the long term strategies we undertake and we are more than willing to advice and rationalize their investment decisions. Only when we treat clients with sincerity and have a heavy sense of responsibility can we truly perform our fiduciary duties in their best interests.


Company Structure