• Gold mining straight from the source

    Getting gold directly from the ground.
  • Gold deposits in virgin territory

    Estimated untapped gold deposit market value upwards of USD100 Billions!
  • Gold trading experience

    Golden Dynasty Resources Limited has an experienced team of professional fund managers who specialize in the trading and speculation of gold in the financial markets.
  • Exceptional Track Record

    Over the past years, our most valued investors have managed to get a return of up to 150% profit per annum.

"Gold investment straight from the source!"

Spot Gold: Buy - ... USD/gram
Sell - ... USD/gram

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited specializes in automated gold trading strategy in several different gold markets (both OTC and futures exchanges) around the world. We adopt the most advance trading techniques monitored by our experienced senior trading analysts.
Golden Dynasty is well diversified in gold investments which includes gold transactions in OTC markets including London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), gold Futures in NYMEX, gold ETFs in NYSE, spot gold prices in major brokerage firms globally, established gold deposit accounts in major banks around the world, and we own private large safe deposit boxes in discrete locations to segregate clients’ assets.
Golden Dynasty Resources Limited announced in 2015 that a strategic partnership has been established with Global Industrial Investment Group Limited Hong Kong to co-develop a gold mine project in North Korea, both will share the profits derived from mining of the gold deposit reserve.